The number of the competition days increased up to four in the next Eindhoven Box Cup which will be held in May 20-25

¨The Eindhoven Box Cup is scheduled to take place in the Netherlands in May 20-25 and the registrations are open until May 6. The organizers of the Eindhoven Box Cup increased the period of the tournament from three up to four competition days.¨

Eubc eindhoven box cup

¨The Eindhoven Box Cup is a new event in the European Boxing Map which was launched only a few years ago but the engine of the competition Mr. Jeremie Besson developed it rapidly and conquered new markets in the world. The Eindhoven Box Cup is the Netherlands’ biggest boxing event in the recent one decade and will be one of the highlights in the month of May this year.

The last edition of the Eindhoven Box Cup was held in October 2019 which was arranged in professional way. Thailand’s Youth Olympic Games winner and AIBA Youth World Champion Atichai Phoemsap and Netherlands’ European Games bronze medallist Enrico La Cruz amazed the crowd with their fantastic final in 2019 which was won by the Southeast Asian talent.¨ (...)

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