Een geweldige prestatie van Artjom Kasparian afgelopen weekend bij Euro Cup, waar hij ook gekozen is als de beste bokser van het toernooi. Op naar het OKT in Londen.
Lees ook het mooie verslag van de internationale boksverslaggever Kincses Tibor:

Artjom beste bokser Euro Cup 2020

“Euro Cup’s Dutch winner Artjom Kasparian feels he is ready now for the Olympic Games:

The Dutch team attended in the Euro Cup in Bosnia & Herzegovina and used the event as last preparation before the European Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event. Besides to Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Adem Fetahovic and Greece’s duo Alexandros Tsanikidis and Vagkan Nanitzanian, Netherlands’ Artjom Kasparian made memorable performance in the Euro Cup where he won the light heavyweight (81kg).

Kasparian was born in Russia but his family moved to the Netherlands where he joined to the national team a few years ago. The Dutch boxer moved ahead in the European rankings step by step in the recent three years and after high number of medals and tournament titles, Kasparian is ready to do something big this year. At the Euro Cup, Kasparian defeated Croatia’s former EUBC European Youth Champion Luka Plantic in the final which was an exciting fight in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

“The hotel in the Euro Cup, level of the organization and the whole environment of the competition was fantastic in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The Euro Cup was my last preparation event before the London Qualifiers and this success increased my motivation. The event was tough but a great experience for me before the main event of the year. I believe that my Russian semi-final rival was the most difficult one for me who had great technique and landed tough punches. Luckily I could manage my top Russian and Croatian opponents in the Euro Cup and I feel that I am ready now to qualify for the Olympic Games,” summarized his experiences Netherlands’ promising Artjom Kasparian.”

Boris van der Vorst
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