Following the Ulan-Ude 2019 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships, the Eindhoven Box Cup is the next big European event. In the quarter-finals of the Eindhoven Box Cup Netherlands’ light heavyweight (81kg) boxer Artjom Kasparian started strongly while Sweden’s teenage hope Moltas Lundström delivered a small surprise.

The Eindhoven Box Cup is a relatively new event which was launched only a few years ago but the event grew up significantly and conquered new markets in the world. Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Mali, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Zambia are also attending in the Eindhoven Box Cup besides to several European countries.

Artjom Kasparian NED

Bout of the day

Netherlands’ Artjom Kasparian is their strong light heavyweight (81kg) boxer who replaced Peter Mullenberg in this category on the top international events. The Russian-born boxer had to face in the quarter-finals with Thailand’s ASBC Asian Boxing Championships bronze medallist veteran Anavat Thongkrathok. The Thai boxer is small in this weight class but has got such an aggressive style which is uncomfortable for many of his rivals. Kasparian managed this tactical job and avoided the Thai attacks successfully and caught the Southeast Asian with tough shots which delivered for him a place in the last four.

Surprise of the day

Sweden’s Moltas Lundström is newcomer in the elite competitions who won their Youth National Championships. He joined to the elite age group this January and as first he had to meet with Boxam Tournament silver medallist Filip Natal of Belgium who has more experiences in the international stage. The 19-year-old Swedish middleweight (75kg) boxer was able to use the perfect strategy to beat his Belgian rival with excellent performance landing efficient punches.

The Round-Up

France’s Gloria D’Almeida is only 20 but she attended already in levels of boxing including the Madrid 2019 EUBC European Women’s Boxing Championships. The French moved up one category and started strongly against Hong Kong’s Winnie Au Yin Yin which was a one-sided bout at the flyweight (51kg).

Netherlands’ 2017 EUBC European Youth Champion Chelsey Heijnen did not attend in the Ulan-Ude 2019 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships but she prepared well to the Eindhoven Box Cup. The 20-year-old Dutch opened her campaign with a success against England’s Jordan Barker and advanced to the last four. Her main rival at the light welterweight (64kg) Ditte Frostholm of Denmark defeated Sweden’s Helena Envall in another strong contest.

Ireland’s Grainne Walsh also had to miss the Ulan-Ude 2019 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships this month. She is an experienced boxer who claimed medals in top international events therefore her success over France’s Sedia Sanogo was not a surprise in Eindhoven. In another women’s welterweight (69kg) fight France’s Fanny Galle defeated Netherlands’ Myrea Van den Ijssel who returned to the world of boxing after a short break.

Thailand’s Youth Olympic Games winner Atichai Phoemsap played with his opponent and dominated the quarter-final bout against Hong Kong’s Cary Cheung Shun Hang at the lightweight (63kg). Ireland’s tough Tony Browne and Belgium’s Ziad El-Mohor had an excellent fight on Day1 which impressed the crowd. The Irish boxer returned to the light heavyweight (81kg) and defeated the Belgian who won contests in the Yekaterinburg 2019 AIBA World Boxing Championships.

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